In the past year, the world searched for “the first woman” more than ever before. For Women’s History Month we celebrated some of the most notable firsts by women and the many they inspire, from the first woman to break the sound barrier to all of those continuing to break the glass ceiling.

Agency // Google Brand Studio 
Editing // Jasmine McCullough
Art Direction // Rehanah Spence
Copy Writing // Catharine Ogletree
Creative Leads // Erin Offland and Carla Tramullas
Creative Direction // Rebecca and KK Walker
Executive Creative Direction // Michael Tabtabai
Motion Design // Daniel Moreno, Adam Gill
Project Management // Brian Troyer
Production // Mia Chong-Hanssen, Kathleen Russell (Joint Editorial), Fhay Areco, and Emily Chingburanakit
Data Strategy // Lorrie Guess
Creative Strategy // Mack Beer
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