For about a year I oversaw the creation and production of the Nike Womens Tumblr. The Tumblr was a playful embodiment of our central campaign concept 'Better For It'. We worked with each artist and designer to create a piece that represented their unique interpretation of what 'Better For It' means to them.

We collaborated with several renowned artists on the project, including: Hattie Stewart, Tyler Spangler, Tim Lahan, Mike Perry, Laura Callaghan, Alia Penner, Allison Cole, Allison Kerek, Ben Wiseman, David Jien, Jessica Singh, Lynnie Zulu, Kamila Maslowska and Rocio Montoya.

Creative partners // Patty Orlando, Heather Ryder and Darcie Burrell
Photographer // RJ Shaughnessy
Studio Manager // Alicia Kuna
Agency // Wieden+Kennedy

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