We worked with Nike North America Brand Team to re-design a lasting graphic system for Nike XC.

Inspired by the athletes tenacity and performance through any circumstance, we created a system informed by the terrain and conditions unique to the sport of XC. The overall look-and-feel represents the tension and physical endurance necessary to push past personal limits in extreme environments. Heat, snow, dirt, rain, tough terrain, and mud are the environmental cross sections of the east, west, north, and south regions. A modular approach in the use of pattern allows for degenerative, playful, and narrative expressions—capturing the dynamic movement and cadence of XC.


Agency // Wieden+Kennedy
Art Direction // in collaboration with Rebecca Parker at Nike
Designers // Raina Jung, Christy Lee Zilka and Karen Koch
Design Manager // Leticia Barajas
Retoucher // Kyle Pero
Photography // RJ Shaughnessy
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